Horizontal baggers with continuous side sealing // Intermittent operation

Our full range of fixed sealing-bar machines are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

These versatile, hardwearing machines can be used for packaging for a range of sectors, including multimedia, graphic arts, boxes, food produce and promotional packs…

FLEXO is a machine fitted with a standard 500 mm wide sealing bar and an extended version for up to 700 mm.

A number of additions are available on option, including an infeed chain upstream from the line, shrink tunnel, reject system and product labelling.

Find the machine to meet your needs

Flexo X 500

A versatile, flexible
solution featuring packaging speeds of up to 5000 products/hour.

Flexo X 700

A versatile solution capable of packaging large format products with a width of up to 680 mm

Flexo 700 e-com

Ideal for
E COMMERCE, the machine adapts automatically to product length and width.
An optional interfaced labelling machine can be fitted for package addressing.

Flexo 500/700 pusher

A machine with a built-in pusher for packaging unstable or special products, such as petri dishes.

Flexo H

Ideal for packing parquet planks, worktops and products up to 800 mm long. Please enquire for lengths over 800 mm.


Packaging mode options

Bottom seal by ionisation or sealing pad

Bottom T sealing

Top overlap and sealing

Top cover two sides sewn

Top overlap