Quality and the environment at AERA

Quality and customer satisfaction are integral parts of our corporate culture and they are the focus of all our efforts.

We also have a social responsibility which requires not only the ongoing improvement of our processes, but also the well-being of our employees and reducing waste products and our carbon footprint.


Our quality system is based on the BRCGS packaging standard and was registered as BRCGS certified in December 2017. An audit is carried out once a year.

Hygiene control is part and parcel of every step in the manufacturing process for our films and papers.

We have set up a test and inspection laboratory in order to monitor our production, in particular for hot-microperforated products.

The prevention of malicious acts and control of food safety are a central part of our responsibilities.

The ISCC PLUS certification

As part of the company’s awareness of sustainable development, AERA became ISCC PLUS certified in November 2022, an award which is confirmed by yearly audits.

The certification allows us to market sustainable films of type rPOF/rPET/rBOPP.

Each part of the supply chain is required to obtain ISCC certification and be able to provide a sustainability declaration for all outgoing material.

PEFC and FSC® Certifications

As part of the effort to reduce the use of plastics, many activities and customers are seeking recyclable and sustainable solutions to help the environment.

To demonstrate our support for this approach and to accommodate the changes in certain markets, we have obtained PEFC & FSC® certifications. The paper products (glassine, sealable paper and standard paper) we use are manufactured using wood from sustainably managed forests.

Offsetting the carbon footprint of our waste products

AERA has joined the French (e)CO2 programme, which sets out to offset the carbon footprint of the take-back and processing of our waste.

Members of the programme play a direct role in combating global warming by supporting a reforestation project set up by the Pur Projet collective.

Compensation carbone

Sorting waste

In 2016, our company invested in modern facilities in line with our ongoing development and needs and to uphold the environmental qualities we hold dear.

Waste in our offices is sorted into separate containers:

  • Recyclable waste
  • Non-recyclable waste
  • Used masks for specific recycling
  • Used ink cartridges

Waste in our production plant is disposed of in recycling bins, to be subsequently processed by our recycling and waste partner.

CSR Charter

We are strongly committed to ensuring the respect of our business environment. 

Thus, obviously, the central values of our charter are environmental sustainability, social responsability, business ethics and community involvment.


Ecovadis certification

AERA has been awarded a Silver medal (with an overall score of 63/100) for its ethical committment and the efforts made to improve its environmental performance.

This award testifies to our strong will to promote sustainable and ethical business practices, as well as to reduce our environmental impact.